Support Professional Activity

The Professional Activity Support Unit (USAP) is a specialist support service aimed at people with learning difficulties who work. It acts to improve their autonomy and employment and social integration in order to promote their mental wellness and quality of life.

It cooperates with the Special Work Centre, providing it with support to ensure workers adapt to their jobs as well as possible, offering them the support they need to complement their skills and good habits at work.

The USAP, which works under a bio-psycho-social model, consists of a multidisciplinary team consisting of a psychologist, a social workers and a team of specialist monitors. In coordination with Foundations Resource Manager and other services in the social and health care network, they intervene to ensure integrated, personalised support for the person.


The establishment of the Professional Activity Support Unit (USAP), a direct result of the FVO’s commitment to improve the quality of life and social normalisation of people with learning disabilities parallels the establishment and development of the Special Work Centre in 1992.

The USAP represents the social and personal intervention projects and the strategy and methodology for action through which the CET became a rehabilitation company, offering support and guarantees for special adaptation and the care of workers with learning difficulties. It makes possible their true employment integration and, alongside this, their greater social integration and participation.

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Fundació Privada Vallès Oriental (FVO)

93 860 02 40 – Fax 93 860 02 49

Carretera de Valldoriolf, s.n.

Apartat de Correus 108 – 08430

La Roca del Vallès

Industrial Processing Service: T. 93 860 02 54

How to get to the FVO

GPS coordinates:

41°35’16.5”N – 2°17’43.8’’E

41.587917, 2.295510

AP7, exit num. 13 towards Granollers, El Masnou and Vilanova (just before the toll).

Then head towards Vilanova until you find Carretera de Valldoriolf (on the left).

Take it until you find the sign indicating Fundació Privada Vallès Oriental on the left.