Empúries House

The Board and the management of the Foundation promoted the Empúries House social project with the main aim of making it easier for people cared for at the Foundation’s centres and services and who currently have major difficulties for social or economic reasons to access normal leisure activities that will integrate them into the community. It is an institutional social project supporting the institution’s own activities considering the difficulties some families have in offering quality leisure activities for family members with learning difficulties that will integrate them into the community. For this reason, this project is carried out with professionals from the Foundation, who know all the service users. This ensures that a person staying at Empúries House can receive personalised attention based on their characteristics and needs.

The purpose of the FVO’s Empúries House, which began operations in February 2015, is so that users can have normal leisure services that will integrate them into the community. It has capacity for 12 people accompanied by up to six professionals. It is a house for the people cared for by the organisation’s various services specially designed for those who, for various economic or social reasons, have difficulty in enjoying leisure time outside their everyday environment that would integrate them into the community.

The house consists of five double rooms, two single rooms and three bathrooms fully adapted for users. It also has a working area for professionals equipped with three more double rooms and another bathroom.

As communal areas it has a large open kitchen with island making it easier to use, living and dining areas, all in one large room. Access to the second floor is from the living room. It has a computer room equipped with office materials and board games. The house also has a small laundry. Finally, outside, there is a big garden with two swimming pools and a large car park.