Housing Service

The Accommodation Service is an effective solution for people with learning difficulties cared for by the different services at the FVO day care centre who require intermittent or limited support so they can have a life with quality and who need a home when it has become impossible or inadvisable to live in their own home. This may be as a result of problems deriving from their learning difficulty, because they have no family or because they do not have the correct social, family and care conditions, or by choice of the person with learning difficulties. The aim is to meet their needs for autonomy, independence and self-fulfilment.

The service currently consists of different accommodation depending on people’s development, their needs, their degree of support and their preferences. The accommodation integrated into the community environment helps make it easier for users to access and use community services and promote their normalisation and social inclusion.

It operates 365 a year from 5pm to 9am on working days and holidays, remaining open 24 hours a day at weekends and during holiday periods. Visiting time is established by mutual agreement with the family.


The aim of this service is to promote personal potential, people’s participation in decisions affecting them, the reduction in functional limitations based on people-focused support, preferably in natural environments, the protection and exercise of rights, the promotion of autonomy and the exercise of personal self-determination, social participation and inclusion, and social protection.

Also improving people’s quality of life taking the person as a whole into account: their development, their need for support and their preferences. This ensures:

A construction that allows privacy as well as coexistence.

Support services suited to the needs of the people who live there.

Service organisation oriented towards people-focused planning through support in everyday life.

Personal and social adjustment is also important, understood as the set of activities aimed at people which, with their direct participation, is intended to provide structural training for the person and an improvement in their relationship with the civic environment. This is without forgetting leisure time, tasks and responsibilities and individual monitoring: achieving the specific objectives for each user.


The Accommodation Service consists of homes providing a service to adults with learning difficulties with different support needs. Care homes are available for residents who need extensive and/or generalised support (intensive supervision by the educator); homes corresponding to the extensive/limited support programme (periodic supervision by the educator) and homes caring for people with limited and intermittent support needs (in other words, residents with a high level of autonomy in everyday life).

Every home consists of:

Communal areas: living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, sick bay, pantry.

Spaces preserving each user’s privacy: bedrooms and bathrooms with the appropriate adaptations.

There are currently four homes in the centre of Granollers:

Vallès home: caring for eight people

Carrer Roselló

Font Verda home (3 homes): caring for 24 people

Passeig de la Muntanya

Jaume Gregori home: caring for ten people

Carrer Camprodón

El Cinquantenari home: caring for 24 people

Carrer de la Sardana

Opened in January 2016

And, in Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana, the Jaume Anfruns i Janer home was opened in June 2010:

caring for 22 people

Carrer de la Font del Gat

And the home support service in Granollers with a home where three people live with support.


The Accommodation Service was set up in 1993 considering the need to provide alternative housing for people who could not continue to live in their original homes or who were without a family or stable home. It was intended to provide a response to the legitimate right of any person to choose where to live and to enjoy the lifestyle they consider most appropriate to achieve the highest standards of welfare for themselves.

The first accommodation, the Vallès Home in Carrer Rosselló, was purchased in April 1992 with a subsidy of 10 million pesetas granted by ICASS and a mortgage of four million to complete the purchase price. It opened in January 1993 and currently houses eight users. The two flats initially making up the Font Verda Home were opened in February 1997. A third flat was opened in March 1998 in Passeig de la Muntanya. And the Jaume Gregori Home, which provides higher levels of care, opened in October 2004.

The first centre outside Granollers is the Jaume Anfruns i Janer home in the Can Sabater development at Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana. Since June 2010 it has been providing service  to 22 people with learning difficulties. The Jaume Anfruns i Janer home was made possible by a donation of land by the backer Jaume Anfruns i Janer. The construction project and facility were entirely paid for by the foundation.

The latest home opened by the FVO is the El Cinquantenari home in Carrer de la Sardana, Granollers, with capacity to care for 24 people. Since 2016, the home has been providing service to 24 people with learning difficulties. The project to build and equip the home was entirely financed by the Foundation.

Another service the FVO has been offering since October 2003 is the home support service. This is a flat where three people, who work for the CET, live with a great deal of autonomy and limited support from a monitor 14 hours a week.