Business Services

The Xavier Quincoces Special Work Centre carries out productive services and activities designed to integrate users in social and employment terms in its different areas of action. It works externally in different municipalities and client areas and internally in the Foundation’s own premises and areas.

These services are grouped into:

  • Industrial processing section.
  • Gardening section.
  • General services: integrated into the FVO’s everyday activities.

– Cooking service.

– Laundry service.

– Reception in the Foundation’s various centres.

– Cleaning service for the organisation’s facilities.


The Xavier Quincoces Special Work Centre belongs to the Foundation. It has an industrial unit with two floors each measuring 1,800 m2. It is on a sloping site, allowing direct access to both floors. It has the bays and machinery necessary for loading and unloading lorries as well as the most appropriate storage for customers’ goods. The two floors are linked with stairs, a lift and a goods lift.

The top floor is open plan and has various work areas for industrial processing, such as the food processing area, the shrink wrap lines, the sleever line and the multi-use areas for different processes, all of them with machinery and the items required for the production process. The workers’ dining room, the sick bay, an office for meetings and storing documents, changing rooms with individual lockers and toilets and washing facilities are also on this floor. The production manager’s office is nearby.

The ground floor is used exclusively for storage, including a refrigerated area to handle products requiring a controlled temperature.

The gardening service has its own area, with a store where the various pieces of working equipment and plant health products are kept. There is also parking for service vehicles.

There are vans for moving the gardening teams and machinery and a shared truck for use by the gardening service and by industrial processing.

The Special Work Centre shares with the rest of the day care services department a series of communal areas such as reception, the library and a computer room, the meeting room and the multi-use function room.